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Holistic Learning

Igniting Passion and
Fostering Knowledge

With a curriculum carefully designed to encourage intellectual exploration and academic vigor, Scholaris Academy fosters a love of learning in students. Our teaching philosophy and methodologies consider the uniqueness of each child, and our curriculum reflects this diversity. From comprehensive reading and math programs to diverse electives, students at Scholaris are presented with an array of subjects and disciplines that are intellectually stimulating, relevant, and engaging.


A multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham based program designed to develop decoding skills, comprehension, and engagement with age-appropriate materials.

English Language Arts

Integrated lessons focusing on vocabulary, grammar, and composition to promote accurate comprehension and written expression.


An innovative Singapore Math curriculum emphasizing mental math strategies, logical reasoning, and applications, tailored to individual student goals.


History and literature interwoven to enhance world knowledge, critical thinking, Socratic discussions, and expository writing.


Foundation building across biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and astronomy through direct instruction customized to diverse learning needs.

Study Skills

Comprehensive techniques for note-taking, organization, research, writing, summarization, and time management.


Diverse subjects, including entrepreneurship, maker space, science lab, keyboarding, creative writing, art, and Spanish, designed to encourage peer interaction and curiosity.

Independent Work

Proctored sessions to help students develop executive skills, work endurance, and task management while eliminating the need for homework.

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