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Discover the Scholaris Difference

Uniquely Tailored Education

Welcome to Scholaris Academy, a micro-school located in Dallas that is committed to meeting the individual needs of each student in grades 1-8. We merge research-based instructional methods with the dedication of our expertly-trained teachers, ensuring that our students realize their true potential and foster intellectual curiosity.

Parents and Guardians

At Scholaris Academy, we consider parents and guardians essential partners in nurturing confidence, independence, and effective work habits in our students. As such, we make a significant effort to collaborate with parents and guardians, helping them understand their children’s learning style and unique needs. To ensure ongoing success, we hold quarterly parent-teacher conferences that review each student’s progress both at home and school.

Two young students collaborate on their schoolwork, promoting team-building skills and social skills.
Our Conception

Thomas Jefferson's Six Objects of Education

Scholaris aligns with Thomas Jefferson’s six objects of education, empowering students to achieve their full potential and become integral members of society.

  • To give every citizen the information needed for their own business.
  • To enable self-calculation, expression preservation through writing.
  • To improve morals and faculties through reading.
  • To understand duties towards neighbors, country, and fulfill assigned functions.
  • To know rights, exercise justice, and observe social relations.
  • To discharge responsibilities with intelligence and faithfulness in all aspects of life.
Our Mission

The mission of Scholaris is to guide students to reach their intellectual potential. We value the imagination and curiosity of children and respect childhood as an integral part of life. Our instructors set high academic standards and challenge students to question, to think, to collaborate, and to act with integrity. Scholaris inspires students to be lifelong learners with the courage and confidence to make a positive contribution to the world.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every child masters the foundational skills in reading, writing, and arithmetic in order to become contributing members of society. We invite you to visit Scholaris Academy and discover firsthand how our unique educational experience is truly making a difference in the lives of our students and their families.